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Depression is real

And it can be treated.

Almost 16 million Americans deal with depression each year, though it can be tricky to identify. Depression can affect different people in different ways.


According to a recent blog on WebMD, people with depression may not want to share what they feel, but learning more about depression can help you help someone who has it. WebMD provided a list of seven things that people with depression wish you knew. Here are four, but click here to read more.

  1. Depression isn’t the same as being sad. Depression is usually long-lasting, and can cause one to feel angry, frustrated, sad and/or irritable.
  2. You can’t just wish or pray it away. The best way to treat depression is to visit a medical or mental health professional to find real solutions.
  3. It’s a real disease.
  4. You can be strong and still be depressed. Just because someone doesn’t ‘look’ or ‘act’ depressed doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling with depression.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, don’t ignore the signs. Talk with your doctor or visit with a mental health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

To make an appointment with a physician at Monarch Primary Care, give us a call (513) 246-2070.

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